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Welcome to

Greenscapes by Design

Inspiring greenspaces with knowledge & artistry

Formerly known as Garden by Design,  the company has been

inspiring greenspaces  since 2010. First established in eastern Ontario,

then southern Ontario, and now GbD is based in Grey County ( Wiarton to Mount Forest, and Dundalk to Chesley)

The name change (2021) better reflects our

landscaping goals:

  • a focus on live plants, shrubs, and trees 

  • environmental sustainability 

  • biodiversity

  1. only non-invasive, native and non-native plants are used, that will not outcompete native plants (excluding e.g. English ivy and lily-of-the-valley)

  2. plants and practices are recommended (when appropriate) that support biodiversity, and an  

  3. organic soil conditioner is used for planting and  transplanting, introducing vital micro- organisms and nutrients into the soil. This results in no chemical-runoff pollution, no root burning, and no foreign inputs, providing a superior boost for the plant and the soil ecosystem.

For our company environmental sustainability means:

We can install garden and retaining walls (<3 ft. tall), and may also recommend incorporating natural stone into landscapes for aesthetic appeal, erosion control, and steps. 



A big part of our work involves identifying plants already

growing on client properties. 

This may be our greatest skill...

Photographs by KARIN BANERD

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